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We are innovators, a company that specializes in applying innovative material science and design solutions to established or existing products that need new relevance and real differentiation in today’s markets. So as part of our portofolio of leading products we are proud to introduce to you the highest performance and the most comfortable glove available on the market today. MAXFIT® with NeverSlip®  technology is a totally new category of SUPER glove with unmatched performance in comfort, fit, dexterity, touch sensitivity and hand health……it enhances grip strength providing the wearer with an  formidable advantage in performance for work, sports and overall endurance…..

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Benefits Title

MAXFIT® with NeverSlip® technology is engineered with a proprietary technology that is kind to the skin, draws perspiration away and allows the hands to "breathe" without compromising performance. The NeverSlip®  technology coating does not contain latex, nitrile nor man-made rubber – materials known to cause allergic reactions. It is the skin friendly choice! The stretch fit and lightweight construction of our gloves make them far more comfortable than ordinary work gloves……the enhanced griping performance make them the athlete's choice for Tactical, Sports or any kind of  endurance or strength dependent activity...

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"I want to send a note of thanks for the product you guys are producing. The next best thing always seems to pop up but you’ve really hit a home run with the MAXFIT® gloves. I’ve been able to perform tedious tasks which require manipulative movements and still wear the gloves. Transmission work is a breeze and the cuts are no longer, clean up is almost nonexistent and the increase in grip allows me to perform at a higher rate for a longer time. The gloves hold up great and for the price I can afford to have several pairs scattered around. Keep the products coming." 

- Joe Grosso National Training Manager, Universal Technical Institute. Automotive Industry. Exton Pa.

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